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  1. Mar 26 / 4 / Prois
    Shoutout to Prois Staffer & Nebraska/Colora do-Co Coordinator, Dee Daugherty who is still working combating Covid in her Cumbre! Stay healthy, Dee! #proisproud #prois #staystrong www.proishuntin
  2. Mar 23 / 2 / Heather's Choice
    It feels good to be in a position where we can help our fellow small businesses here in Anchorage! If you're looking for dehydrated meals to take with you in the mountains while social distancing, help us AND our friends at Barney's Sports Chalet by calling and placing an order with them for pickup. We're beyond grateful that our business is booming during this time of crisis, and we want to share the love and support the people who have stood by us through a lot of shtuff!
  3. Mar 22 / Heather's Choice
    When @imthebig guy asks if he can have a bite of my Packaroon...and the answer is, 'Nogggghhhhffff fff!' Who the heck shares a Packaroon?!? Friendly reminder we are offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $150 with code FREESHIPPING202 0 at checkout. Whether you're stocking up for spring adventures or the pending full lockdown, we have gluten-free, packable meals and snacks for you. Just make sure you get enough to share
  4. Mar 21 / 2 / Heather's Choice
    Experts say that having a couple of weeks' worth of food on hand is probably fine. We've also been seeing a massive uptick in sales due to the Coronavirus. Which freeze-dried or dehydrated meals are you stocking in your pantry in case of emergency?
  5. Mar 21 / 10 / Girls with Guns Clothing
    Good morning We have a #shelterinplace order here in California. As I walked out my back gate this morn I realized how thankful I am for our home and that I get to hang out here until this passes. What are you doing to keep busy? I think we will get a head start on planting our garden this weekend! Stay safe & healthy out there - Jen O'Hara - Girls with Guns Clothing CEO Co-Founder ~ ~
  6. Mar 20 / Heather's Choice
    Thank goodness it's Friday and thank goodness it's SPRING! To celebrate the spring season, we're offering FREE SHIPPING on US orders over $150! Use code FREESHIPPING202 0 at checkout and get some delicious, gluten-free, packable meals and snacks headed your way? What's the best way to practice social distancing? Getting out in the mountains! We hope your weekend is full of sunshine, backcountry hikes and healthy, good food. Pictured is one of all time top-selling Packaroon flavors, Orange Vanilla!
  7. Mar 20 / 15 / Prois
    From all of us at Prois, stay healthy & hang in there! Let us know how you're feeling/doing! #proiscares
  8. Mar 20 / Heather's Choice
    Happy Spring! We Made It! At 7:49 pm Thursday night here in Alaska, we officially reached the spring equinox! Woohoo! It's a big deal for us, after months of what feels like eternal darkness and our fair share of cold weather. Bring it on spring! We have adventures to go on! If you're as excited about spring as we are, or you're stocking your pantry with healthy, shelf-stable foods during this time of unknowns, we'd like to offer you FREE SHIPPING off your order of $150 or more at heatherschoice. com!
  9. Mar 19 / 2 / Heather's Choice
    Which national parks will YOU be going to visit in the coming weeks? Our vast public lands that are overseen by the Department offer special outdoor experiences to recreate, embrace nature and implement some social distancing.
  10. Mar 18 / Heather's Choice
    Many of us are likely experiencing some interruptions in our day to day lives. Gyms are closed, restaurants are offering pick up only, and visiting local shops might be prohibited. With this rock tumbling of our day to day routines, what will you be making time for this spring? Will you be spending more time at home with your family? Will you be spending more time in the wilderness rather than in town? Are there projects or activities that you've been wanting to tackle, but haven't had the time for?

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